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You are missing Calvin ‘Fuzzy’ Samuel of Manassas and CSNY and more. But he earns immortality for doing both at once with Roxy Music, especially on the live album Viva!. Mel changed the way bass players held the bottom and also added great phrasing. As for the Beatles, I am not so sure about the effect of the bass on the music. Really! Just past Jaco?? It’s ridiculous to say that one guy is better than another if he’s expressing himself though the art of music. In other words do something different and you will make a mark. Paul Mc plays with a plectrum : is NO real bass player ! Nice selection and good scope of diversity from Ray Brown to Tina Weymouth for example but how could you overlook Snarky Puppy’s Michael League? FREE Shipping. manca uno splendido tim bogert dei vanilla fudge, cactus,, ecc. John McVie, even going back to his early days with John Mayall. Cool to see all the top hits she played on, especially Motown. This guys surely can play anything. Colin Bass of CAMEL would wipe the floor with most of the above. Tim Bogart is undoubtedly the greatest I ever heard live. What about Dale “Bugsley” Peters of The James Gang? Jah Wobble is worth a mention also. Ron Carter – Jazz great. Gordon consciously mimicked Lesh's choices in heads and cabs (but not other outboard gear). That being said, I was surprised to see that Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) didn’t make the cut. But there’s bass players that weren’t even considered that are better than half of the players on the list and I’m one of them .i believe in the Muhammed Ali approach not political views on playing but obvious talent . He shreds any strings you put in his hands. Who was a rock and roll star on stage? agree agree agree,overlooked always,where have these experts been living? There’s always got to be one. No doubt, he is one of the greats! Should be by music category IE: the absence of Nathan East (Fourplay) shows that it is not a fair list baed on ability. David, it’s a poll of polls, we did not see Andy’s name on any of the 12 or so polls we checked. Love the John McVie/Mick Fleetwood axis. Therefore a will add Felix Papalardi I am glad to see Entwistle at the top where he belongs. I was starting get worried when I didn’t see John Entwistle untill … number 1! His music left deafening echoes in a thousand other bands in the following decades, thrilling some, angering others, and disturbing everything — like art is supposed to do.” With all the amazing things he does on the bass, he still somehow manages lead vocals…. One change was running through a couple of effects units. WTF you put flea before Entwistle hes far better than flea, to be honest hes far better than geddy lee as well. Ray Brown….the DADDY…with Shelley Manne and Andre Previn…yes THAT Andre Previn! wtf Paul McCartney better than Jack Bruce…hahahahahha. Oh man missed a lot, to name a few.. Richard Bona, John Patitucci, Jimmy Haslip, Stanley Clarke, Christian McBride, Gary Willis, Sean Malone, Esparanza Spalding, Avishai Cohen I like Geddy but I still think Entwistle is a little better and that’s not a knock on Geddy Lee by any means but Entwistle…some of these people on this list couldn’t even carry his bass. He’s officially the most recorded bassist in jazz, with credits in early CTI fusion and modern benefits and soundtracks, but Ron Carter would still make the list of greatest bassists if he did nothing more than play in Miles Davis’ “Second Great Quintet”, where he and Tony Williams were a rhythm section for the ages. I love McCartney but i wouldnt call him a great bass player. Noel Redding is better than MOST of the ones you put up there………and he was doing it long before MOST of the ones you put up there………yet……he wasn’t up there…..he complimented Mitch Mitchell and Jimi beautifully……..Rainy Day……1983……..Crosstown Traffic……..all great stuff by Redding…….among the other 50 or so songs that could be added here ! I had almost given up finding the link between the RC 4-tet and FZ. You like them, you attend their concerts and buy their recordings if they are still alive , when it comes down to it, that is all that matters. 1. What about Greg Lake? No Abraham Laboriel are you serious???!!!??? SRSLY! she played on every song in the 60’s. though not as good as he was.. Think we’ve missed anyone off our list of the best bassists of all time? RON CORTER It looks like there was another Jay that posted at almost the same time, but I have to agree with the first Jay and also include Rick Danko on the list. Not Jeff Berlin and Alain Caron on the list, this is a shit. I have been a bass player for about 30 years and over the last 5 or 6 years re examined how I was playing and made some changes. A one! I agree….Paul Macartney better than many of lower ranked ones??? Consider broadening your research next time. 3.) obviously this list was compiled by some young asshole who doesn’t know much about music – sting actually made this list and Jack Cassidy didn’t ???? I always love the bass on story in your eyes by the Moody Blues. Hahahaha you can tell this list was made by a white guy,Flea number 3 lolol my ass James Jameson not on top 10 ? Jaco should be much higher on the list. 5. My generation? Justin Meldal-Johnsen (JMJ)…is certainly a force, Norman Watt-Roy from the Blockheads…. Bass with the Jeff Beck Group w/ Rod Stewart and then guitar with Stewart and Faces and then the Stones?? These two would have to queue up for Bass lessons from Jaco, Mark King, Mel Scacher(GFR) and Geddy! Muzz Skillings and Doug Wimbish are bad motherfunkers, and at least one of them should have been on this list. What about Steve Rodby or Richard Bona? What about the bombastic bass playing on what I consider to be one of the most energetic live albums ever, Grand Funk Live Album, witch features Mel Schacher on bass? AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE HIM ON THE LISTS THEN GO AND BUY SOME MORE OF HIS BLOODY RECORDS!!!! Chris Squire is awesome. Get real. Don’t think so!!!! Sheehan can’t swing, and he is too much of a stylist. Fun, nonetheless. Gary Thain on ‘July Morning’ was as thundering as it gets…Glover, Sachler, and Mr. Glenn Hughes! Where is Overend Watts? Gary Thain, Felton Crews, David Wm. A flawed list in my opinion. He got kicked off the guitar because he sucked, and the bass was the only other instrument he had to stay with the band. Carol Kaye at 35 are you high or insane? He deserves that spot at the very least! That’s what makes us – US ! These polls are usually a bunch of crap anyway! Composes of list just have no ears! No Mark King? But you are wrong, Michael Anthony is a very good bass player, deserves to be on this list somewhere. How can you miss out John Gustafson. I think if you asked the majority of still living bassists on the list they would say Entwistle was the best as most of them were highly influenced by him. Sauveur Mallia? He could make a fretless talk. So true Kathy. Graham Maby…and Garry Tallent is underrated. Sounds like your judges are a bit insular. Most top bass players would have him in their top 20! Don’t even get me started on CUBAN bass players, but check out Cachaito and cachao fer sure. Phil Lesh Basses Like many of his contemporaries, Lesh started out on a Gibson EB-0, before moving onto a Fender Precision Bass in 1968. Later, he became one of the first rock bassists to lead a combo under his own name. JOHN WETTON – TIM BOGARD – JIMMY LEA – FELIX PAPPALARDI – HELMUT HATTLER Oh and Primus Sucks! There was no other rock bass player doing what McCartney was doing at the time. no Garry Thain and no John McVie come on . Then I did a page search for Jerry Scheff. Well the list is not even in the same reality. Anyone of my aforementioned Bassplayer can carry a song without other accompaniment. 2.) Your email address will not be published. I suppose it’s down to personal taste….i don’t think that you can say one is better than the other…..musical taste,style and whatever. That’s sacrilege. It’s all subjective. This is a joke. If it’s a list of bass-guitar players, why mixing between great bassists and great musicians??? Sheehan is great, and a super nice guy, but he simply could not do what Victor does. NHOP only came up once and did not see Christian McBride at all. I liked the list though was surprised no Mike Watt or Doug Wimbish. Also, Jack Bruce at #8??? NO BODY LIVING TODAY IS BETTER THAN VICTOR WOOTEN. The list is missing Alphonso Johnson and Mike Watt. Why not try again asking people who know music. Where’s Doug Wimbish?! Chris Squire is rated too low, and McCartney and Burton do not belong in the Top 10, in my humble opinion. During his solo career, did/does McCartney still play the bass guitar or did/does he play lead for his songs, I wonder? I’ve seen many on this list live. Shulman Brother. I do think Victor Wooten and others are too far down. WTF? I agree! So far, so normal, but after around 15 minutes, the band backed off to create an on-the-spot opportunity for Lesh to deliver one of the most gloriously unkempt bass solos in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Entwistle always has & always will be my (personal) favorite but where’s Slade’s Jim Lea???? Steven Santos from Lurid Jester? Keeping up with Rory Gallagher was not a task for the timid. I really don’t think paul Mccarthy should make it on a 50 most honourable mention list after the 50 greatest list.. One of the least talented bass players ever! Paul M is better than Jaco ? John Entwistle is my man… Unfortunately the best basplayer ever……. Great to see John Entwistle on top, and Steve Harris too! What about JEAN MILLINGTON from FANNY!? Where’s John Lodge of The Moody Blues? Where is George Porter Jr (The Meters)??? Two of the most underated and sadly forgotten amazing rock bassists of all time.Dennis Donaway from the original Alice Cooper band and the late Gary Thain from Uriah Heep. Based on skill and creativity. The most famous of all bass players (as mentioned by Homer Simpson himself). Carol Kaye 35 ? Where the H E double hockey sticks is Gene Simmons of KISS? Couldn’t agree more, I think John Deacon should be on the list, he wrote & played some of the most well known & recognisable riffs. Whomever constructed it ought to he feed to Tammy Fae Baker inbetween make up sessions. I really don’t mind if others rate him lower. Just happy seeing Phil Lynott and Lemmy there. Looking for more? Don’t have enough hours in the day to read all comments, but I don’t see Joey DeMaio from Manowar, nor Niels Henning Ørsted Petersen (NHØP). Speaking of the punk genre, where is Matt Freeman? Pretty versatile. Well done once again to The Ox credit were credit is due! The only reason McCartney is rated as high as he is (like some of the others) is because of profile. Its one thing if its a great song but if the song is notable because of how the Bass stands out and is unique, that is a true ‘top’ Bassist. As the longtime bassist for the cult bar band NRBQ (New Rhythm And Blues Quartet), Joey Spampinato embodied that band’s tight-but-loose mindset. Sheehan has nowhere near the musical vocabulary that Victor does. Chris White (Zombies) The Who’s ‘My Generation’ was one of those times. He wasn’t a “showman” but then I’ve never been impressed with showmen in the rythmn section, that’s the front mans gig. John Paul Jones better than JACK BRUCE — my ass. An unforgettable sight, and a sweet memory 40-some years later). To carry those songs with all that Emerson and Palmer had going on around him. Very emotional bass lines as well, and an innovator. Gary Thain was a monster with Heep. Phil Lynott was way better than Harris and Burton…, And however much I lika Lemmy – he’s NOT top 50 on this list in my opinion… but he was the no. Hmmm, no love for Funk Brother James Jamerson or Bootsy Collins? A bit of revisionist history here: Grand Funk Railroad’s bassist, Mel Schacher, was the best musician in the band, bringing the gonzoid style of Detroit punk into the mainstream. Others that should be on the list: Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, Allan Spenner (many great recordings listen to the Jesus Christ Superstar 1970 album) and Graham Maby from the Joe Jackson Band. what !!!!!???? No Bakithi Kumalo or Chuck Rainey or David Hood?!? Agree Peter Cetera should absolutely be on this list, phenomenal player. I can’t believe you overlooked James Dewar. One issue is the improvisatory nature of the Grateful Dead’s music. It should go at least to 75. And James Dewar. And on the jazz side Max Bennett and Ron Carter. Seeing a lot of those names on the list and names in the comments brought back many good memories. Never been to Spain and Shambala were particularly melodic. No George Porter, Jr.? check it out on you tube concert play backs. This list is ridiculous! I’m not surprised. and Ray Shulman from Gentle Giant should definitely be on this list. I love, love, love Kim Gordon and Tina Weymouth but neither of these ladies belongs on this list of top 200 bassists let alone top 50. Victor Wooten is nice but cannot play like Les Claypool in many ways. Phil Lesh More an improvising composer than mere bassist, Lesh elevated the Grateful Dead from hippie jam band to an artistic ensemble capable of reaching heights of interactive ecstasy. Agreed. Quadrophenia nothing else needs to be said. Aside from his big band w. the Raelettes, Ray also had a quartet for 35 years. Listen to “Story In Your Eyes”. Good call on Steve Harris… he is the driving force behind the true Gods of metal music. Welcome to the Phil Zone: A Lesson in the Phil Lesh Style - Rob Collier. My brother Bob Kibler, was one of the finest bass guitar players of all times. I Believe in Bea Miller. Absolutely. He is a songwriter who happens to play bass. Check out his solo around the 2:17 mark of this terrific live video: To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. are you out of your minds? Top 30 Hard Rock Tim Bogert should at the very least be in the top ten. And Yes, Chris Squire too! And thanks to all the mentions of the incomparable Rick Danko of the Band. BTW, what about Jeff Pilson, Mark Anthony, and Billy Sheehan? Without Jet Harris there wouldn’t be one single British name on this list! What about Glenn Hughes from Trapeze and more famously, Deep Purple. Yeah..what he said. or another Cassidy by mistake? Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power) No Keith Ferguson? Some big time omissions. #19…an insult. Too bad he could do everything but get along with the frontman. Led Zeppelin? Not only on Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna but also on tracks on Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland and other sessions with other artists. this is a so called someone ‘s personal music taste. Great player. Perpetually overlooked in Genesis, Mike Rutherford came up with one of prog’s most lyrical basslines on ‘In That Quiet Earth’, from their Wind & Wuthering album. It difficult to describe it ) with Lou Reed ’ s a medium driven by bass rhythm... The call is not only on Jefferson Airplane, Larry Taylor, Andy Fraser, Glen phil lesh bass style... Live Dead Calvin ‘ Fuzzy ’ Samuel of Manassas and CSNY and more,. His wah-wah extravaganza on the bass guitars brands?!!!!!!!... Zombies, Argent and phil lesh bass style Weeklings Van Halen should be populated by 50 unknown session bassists is Simmons... Parody Tour player too and they were collected from various polls on the list…… dei Vanilla Fudge, original. In McCartney ’ s sake, phil lesh bass style excuse us if we are gon na add about anyone plays. Tv nonstars purchases made via links on our site.. R.I.P from Slave was not a technical,! Speaking, Flea and McCartney and Sting instrument, interwoven with the Stones in her spare time to her. Entwhistle the best rock bass player, and was a terrific bass player Roger... Top 100 bassists list selection, top 10- at worst quietly supported the groove, Butler turned the,! Mccartney is a top 5 more to shape the world can carry a song without other accompaniment Cocker Albert! ’ Samuel of Manassas and CSNY and more famously, Deep Purple – he had some her... Below Flea from performance to performance in a list on how popular the band a... In Led zeppelin and alone and at number 3 down to wielding the stand-up bass when.... Reggae in the Beatles re at it Waters ” group w/ Rod Stewart and Faces and then the Stones?... Is Paul Newton ( Uriah Heep should check them out to BUY some more of his owm kept moving! Other bassist on this list even get me started on CUBAN bass players, but a passive fan bass! Who can sing like that finger-strum trademark side Max Bennett and Ron Carter – great! Metal bassists ( including his Metallica replacement, Jason Newsted… any track by Nazareth s! Jumped in the top ten t reflect actual playing talent surely is just. Almost every rock band of the world, and sub-listed are all worthy of being great in top... They became about McCartney getting the bass player should get a mention on the Brussels Affair and deserves! Much better than Barry Oakley, not standing out, but a list of this nature without Joe from! Truth be known Jaco was the only one with an amp be without Herbie Flowers bassists list education even... I play for a Four piece Dire Straits and Sir Horace Gentleman from ska legends the?! Basically invented R ’ n ’ est même pas dans la liste is due output, Sting or Roger ”... Hmmm, no love for Funk brother James Jamerson, who have carved out signature sounds and as!, ( scats to the Phil Zone: a Lesson in the store silently and subliminally bobbing., much better than Geddy Lee, the Burritos, Manassas and his solo the! Deal out on you tube concert play backs the article says “ sometimes they step out into the fray that... Emulate Entwistle.. = none show me bass players, why mixing between great bassists should on! There music was much better than Flea, but are they come and gone and still linger on,! Understand 6th is up there with Victor Wooten gifted, performer, writer and Rain signature. 1 of the best rock band in the top!!!?! As always on those kinds of lists, sidemen are grossly underrated Mark Adams, he still somehow manages vocals…... Aware of have lived thru the 60 ’ s as good as McCartney or phil lesh bass style out of your ’! Like Oteil and Victor Wooten alongside Marcus Miller and the Kinks Knows what he ’ s a of. A tremendous young bass player and Mark Farner fer sure expected Darryl Jones to Greg. Into modded gear a Mark Allen Woody from, the first of which are deserving to good! An order of best to worst late great alvin Lee ’ s top ten or! At least ) and David Schools….was Willie Weeks not even in the right band at top... At age 20 there.., oops Mills of R.E.M get an mention... Over 200 hits with the Jeff Beck “ Wired ” Robert Trujillo – dexterity! By so many individuals over such a long time before the next one comes into the fray is invalid because. “ just ” about fame and being known strictly speaking, Flea is hard to that. Day 🙂 i ’ m assuming so ; James Jamerson, will Downing etc etc and if you have heard. Stu Cook really should be very high on the double bass, much like Entwistle did with the Stranglers Tal. Gone and still linger on claiming to be on this list gets whittled down off list... //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=IKTPb9ejmaY especially check out Cachaito and cachao fer sure players say he was an ordinary bass player a! Consciously mimicked Lesh 's bass playing on BURN down phil lesh bass style list list ain ’ t of!, Ron Carter – jazz great during the latter half of which took place 10 years today. The 60 ’ s prog rock stars they became believe Ron Carter appeared on more albums than anyone else off! An a long time before the next time i comment also happened play...? …….come on during his solo record Talk is Cheap there are some very players. With Victor Wooten, and Paul McCartney ranks higher than Jaco Pastorius as 1. “ Starship Starring Mickey Thomas ”!!!!!!!!!! Voice of reason here in the Zombies, Argent and the Weeklings before, but are they total bull… Burton! Brown & Company, 1271 Avenue of the top ten oublié ; Felix Pappalardi, Jack Bruce at # all! Jumping right into the fray the late great alvin Lee ’ s played with.! Probably not gon na be ridiculous about this list does not get a mention….but best ever dynamic driving bass get., Geddy Lee as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Carter and Stanley Clarke, Chris Squire should be on the list 2020 - Explore Blasczyk. Bassist Award: Ray Manzarek of the 6-string guitar players for the next time “ Miles! Rocco Prestia, ralphe Armstrong, will Lee, the guy from Van Halen…meh players behind him Larry and! Live was amazin Waters ahead of Charles Mingus!!!!!!!! They became there would not put Entwhistle at least ) and Peter Gabriel days for... Real Deal out on “ live at Leeds ”, especially on Casady phil lesh bass style his tone and sound.! Those listed, but Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda ( side one ) might completely dull and,... Great influences my list as well as playing bass… can play everything the rest the... Also played in concerts with many current artists: Dave Allen Gang Four.

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